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Legal & Privacy

The personal data you provide may be collected and processed – with your express consent – for marketing activities by Al Doge Beato (i.e. promotional initiatives).
These marketing activities will be performed by automated means (eg, newsletter, email) as well as traditional methods.

Al Doge Beato will therefore treat your personal data as owner and will just use them for internal use.

Specific security measures are observed to prevent data losses, illegal or incorrect use and unauthorized access.
Registering your data is not compulsory, but the absence will make it impossible to use some parts of the website, information and contact emails.

The data may be disclosed to, and processed by:

  • Al Doge Beato¬†employees
  • companies providing services

Personal data may also be transferred abroad in countries outside Europe, but will not be disseminated in any way.

Please be aware that you have the right to request cancellation, modification and updates of your data in any moment.
You can exercise these rights by contacting Al Doge Beato at the following number +39 041 524 17 32.


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